Gabriele Gad


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JUNE 22nd 1998


Here follows some more information about the heart meridian. Physical indications for this meridian are:

Dryness of the throat, strong thirst, pain in chest and ribs, nervous heart beat, bladder problems, urination problems and bad sight

Psychical indications are:

Restlessness, nervousness,oversensitivity, hysteria, sudden mood changes, too much laughing, depression, sleeping problems, desinterest, lack of courage, forgetfulness, pressure to keep sighing, over-expectation, fear of tests, Too much talking, anxiety before a performance.

The element fire belongs to this meridian. It relates to warmth energy and to the summer. The taste is bitter, that means bitter food can have an effect on this meridian. Too much joy can have a bad influence on the heart, for example cause a heart attack.

John W.Garvy wrote a very interesting booklet on the five phases of food relating to the five elements. If there is a deficiency of fire energy you are supposed to eat the following food:

Corn, popcorn, red lentils, aspargus, brussel sprouts, Chives, endive, okra. scallions and tomatoes, apricots, guava, raspberry, strawberry.

If there is an excess of fire energy then the following food should be eaten:

Buckwheat, black soyabean, aduki bean, kidneybean, sea wheat,, burdock, mushrooms, water chestnut, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, water melon.

Red is the colour of the heart-circulation system. Very red skin can thus be an indication for heart-circulation imbalances. At the beginning of high blood pressure the skin-vessels can be widened. A very red face of a patient can thus be an important diagnostic sign.

If the heart is disturbed, we should think of a few important issues:

Am I having enough time and space in my life to look at my feelings and express them?

Is my life rhythmical or do I push everything into an artificial schedule?

Are my heart and my head, my feeling and my thinking working harmoniously together? Do I listen to what my heart is telling me?

The rhythm of our heart is less open to our influence then the rhythm of the breath. If we experience problems with the heart rhythm it could mean an interruption of our deeper order in life. Or it could be an indication that we are too rigid and do not allow ourselves to be carried away with emotions.

Angina pectoris occurs when the blood vessels are hardened and shrunk so that we do not get enough food any more. It means that the heart has become too tight. Thus it needs nitroglycerine capsules to "explode" and widen it again.

The heart chakra can be trapped between overactive centres. If the mind is always busy, our solar plexus gets overcharged. Too much food and drugs will overcharge the abdomen. If we talk too much influencing business talk, the throat chakra gets too fast. All this can have a weakening effect on the heart muscle.

If we "fall in love" we are trying to balance our energies. We always attract the energies which we haven't got to make us "whole".

The problem with an unhappy love affair is that because our femininity or masculinity has been rejected, we ourselves will sometimes reject that side of our nature: the pain may make us release too strongly into the opposite.

Making love is the balancing of the chakras.

Our understanding of others is linked to our relationship with ourselves. And we cannot only grow through the ones we love but also all the others. If we are able to forgive the ones who were close to us then we can really grow spiritually.

In order to love unconditionally we have to be able to overcome our anger first. A lot of people are not even aware of their anger. It comes out in illness and tension and it often shows in their language being over-critical and thus keeping things in a distance.

In therapy I usually encourage people to say the things they do not like first and to accept feelings of resentment, bitterness, envy, jealousy and anger more and more. There is a safe space where they can allow themselves to express feelings without hurting someone. Acting out through role play and cushion bashing can be a freeing experience.

After having started to accept anger and hate the real love and forgiveness can enter us naturally. First they show in very small signs only and it is good then to be ever so patient and not pushy at all. Otherwise we would only chase them away again.

In Rebirthing therapists sometimes use affirmations of forgiveness to finish the session. They also recommend to write on one page of a book "I forgive .... for .....and on the opposite page the feelings that come up( for example "I could never ever forgive this person as long as I live) and then go on writing the affirmation of forgiveness for all the people they remember still being cross with.

Sometimes you can be lucky and be brought together again with the people you haven't yet forgiven. There is a karmic attraction, I suppose. Once we are dead it is too late to forgive and we then sometimes have to carry things around with us for a long time. There are things which we can only accomplish on the earth plane while we are alive. A lot of dead people are actually desperately waiting to be born and fulfil their tasks.

That's why suicide can be a very dissapointing experience and not at all as people imagine it to be. They expect it to be peaceful and freeing but the opposite is true. In the beginning it is probably much more confusing and limiting for them then life has ever been before.

Chanting vowel sounds can help to clear the mind and the energies in a room. We usually start with the "u" for the base chakra. We sing it three times and then go to the navel chakra with the "o". The next one is the heart chakra with the sound "a". Further up lies the throat chakra with the sound "e" (like the `a` in `maid`). For the third eye we use the sound "i" ( as pronounced in `limit` or `midges`). Then we are silent for a few minutes. We can also chant the "aum" for the heart chakra which unites our hearts with all the other hearts in oneness.

A nice color such as golden or pink can be visualized in the heart and give us peace and tranquility.

Next week I will write about the pituitary gland and the gem and flower essences connected with the heart, the chakra and the meridian.