Gabriele Gad


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JUNE 29th 1998


Rudolf Steiner in his book"How to gain knowledge from the higher worlds" describes the heart chakra as a soul organ or lotus flower with 12 petals.6 petals have already been used in the past and the other 6 have to be developed in this life. Every petal is linked with one quality. The first two petals with continuity and control of thinking and acting, the third one with the development of duration, the fourth one with tolerance towards beings and objects, the firth one with belief and trust, the sixth one with a balance in life and feelings.

Some people have linked the heart with the pituitary gland.


This endocrine gland which is not bigger than a pea is situated at the base of the brain. It is a so-called "ductless" gland - that means the secretions are not gathered in a duct or tube but are passed directly into the blood. The hormones of the pituitary gland are called Antuitrin, Pituitrin and ACTH. The pituitary affects the uterus muscles, the small blood vessels, kidneys, mostly female sexual organs and can have an influence on human growth.

Together with the pineal gland, the pituitary forms a gateway to the second nervous system. They can both be described as vibratory rates able to link up with the "higher self". The pituitary functions better in the darkness. The pituitary if stimulated by excessive judgment or criticism can restart growth of certain anatomical features such as the nose in middle or later life.

Qualities that can lead to poor functioning of the pituitary and can result in loss of memory and weakening of the intellect are:

Excessive judgment and criticism, aloofness, withdrawal, cautiosness about accepting things, pettiness, nitpicking and scepticism.


  • Californian Flower Essences and others: Almond, Amaranthus, Ginseng, Hops, Koenigin von Daenemark, Papaya, Passionflower, Banana, Californian Poppy, Mallow, Mango, Pennyroyal, Green Rose, Pimpernell, Skullcap, Yerba Mate.
  • Australian Flower Essence: Yellow Cowslip Orchid
  • Gem Essences: Gold, Jasper Picture, Lalis Lazuli, Malachite, Lazurite, Moonstone, Opal, Zirkon, Amethyst, Silver, Ruby, Clear Quartz. "FLOWER AND GEM ESSENCES FOR THE HEART"

  • Australian Flower Essences: Bluebell, Black-eyed Susan, Red Helmet, Old man baksia, Little Flannel Flower for seriousness in children, grimness in adults.
  • Californian and other Flower Essences: Blackberry, Bleeding Heart, Centuary Agave, Cosmos, Comfrey, Lotus, Pimpernel.
  • Gem Essences: Copper, Emerald, Garnet,Gold, Magnesium, Malachite,Ruby, Star Sapphire, Black and Green Tourmaline. Next week we will come to the Solar Plexus Chakra and the organ, meridian, gland, planet and feelings that are related to it.