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At last I think I have it working.

Here are a few drawings done over the years. They are a few from hundreds (even possibly thousands). You may download them for private use, but will have to pay suitable fees for commercial use of any kind. Some are not very good resolution. If you want any of these in better resolution, you will have to negotiate - by email preferably - terms. Email

Click the subject to see the picture. Click `back` on your browser to go back a step.

I don`t know how you download them, but I imagine they will cut and paste into almost any graphics program.

Dog peeing against a tree whilst sniffing a flower - `The best things in life are free`.

sleepy cat opening one eye.

Very British and old-fashioned schoolboy - called `back to school`.

A band I once played in getting into a state of crisis.

A recklessly driven small car.

a football birthday card sketch.

A kid with a contraption made in CDT classes.

A house I drew in Westgate on Sea in 1995.

A day in the countryside.

A man thumbing his nose.

A nude about 1981. The original was stolen. It was in a small sketchbook containin this and the next nude. If you ever come across it I would like to know.

Another nude from the same book.

PC Exasperation

George always needed space....(a band cartoon)

One for a Christmas card -and energetic dog.

Small kid with a large saxophone.

The Jury.

Front end bites, back end kicks (ponies).